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At Meadows we put every effort into creating and maintaining strong and trusting relationships through transparency and open communication. We get to know your business and we get to know your customers. Only then can we begin to improve the ways you’re communicating with those customers and help you get more of them. Two of the ways we do this are through Branding and Advertising.

Your customer’s relationship with your company begins and ends with your brand. A brand is a compelling identity that creates a connection with your customers. It's also a promise of value that delivers a certain distinctive customer experience.


Branding involves the collection of things an audience expects and experiences, combined with the workings of all the brand elements, including typeface, logos, tagline or brand. Here are the major contributing factors and ways to communicate your brand identity that Meadows uses:


  • Logo and Name

  • Atmosphere

  • Community Outreach 

  • Work Environment


If your company already has a brand, Meadows works to ensure the brand is fluid in every marketing aspect. 


Advertising is about communicating what you have to offer through sales, coupons, radio and TV ads, posters, etc. It's also about communicating the story of your brand. It's the who, what, when, where, and why of marketing:


  • Who is your target market? Who is purchasing the services you provide?

  • What advertising platforms provide the most reach to our clients? Which ones are you using?

  • When is the best time to reach your customer?

  • Where are customers seeing your advertising? Where should you place advertisements?

  • Why are customers looking at your advertising? Why do we want them to look at it?


Meadows works one on one with companies to develop long term advertising plans that maximize your ROI and stay within budget. 


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